Cookie dough that is delicious and safe to eat straight from the cup!

Move over cupcakes! Cookie dough is the new treat to eat.

Made Fresh

We make all our cookie dough from fresh ingredients at Sweet Treats Cookie Dough.

Our dough is made fresh daily in our on-site kitchen,  with high quality ingredients and no preservatives.  Just like mom makes. 

Safe and Delicous to Eat

Life is short- lick the spoon- especially if it has cookie dough on it!

Most of us have been eating raw cookie dough straight from the bowl for years with no problems- But who wants to risk it?  We use an egg substitute and heat treated flour to make our dough safe for everyone straight from the bowl!

Unique Treats

Rice krispy treat topped with cookie dough, chocolate and sprinkles from Sweet Treats Cookie Dough.

We are excited to present cookie dough in fun, new ways including our krispy treats, stuffed Oreos and more!  We also offer a variety of flavors so that everyone gets exactly what they want.

Make at Home Treats with our Cookie Dough


Take your dough home and frost a brownie or piece of cake with it.  Way better than frosting from a can.  (We hope we can offer this someday in the store) 

Milkshakes and Ice Cream

Forget store bought cookie dough ice cream- make your own at home by mixing in our dough.  Or better yet, toss some ice cream, milk and dough in the blender for a super delicious milkshake. 

Cookie Sandwiches

Put our cookie dough between two cookies and make a cookie dough sandwich (or buy our stuffed Oreos which are the BEST)

Freezer Bites

Make small balls of the dough and pop them in the freezer for a quick and tasty snack - this is my favorite.  Nothing beats frozen chocolate chip cookie dough!

Cookie Dough Buffet

Buy a sampler of our dough and treats- take them home, or to work, for a cookie dough dessert buffet.  You will be very popular!

Share Your Ideas--

Have a great way to eat our cookie dough?  Tag us on Instagram or Facebook or email us.  We love to hear new ways to eat dough.